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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Studio

I'm rolling with Groove Shoes, 413 up and coming jam band du jour. I've been working hard the last few months to help hammer home the fact that the new AMHERST BREWING COMPANY is now the valley's newest music venue featuring the best rock, jazz reggae and other fine genres the valley has to offer. Groove Shoes brought the het to ABC the second week of November and having holed up for the last few months in the workshed GS is ready to hit the stage again this Saturday February 4th. Be there at 10pm with funk boots laced high...

Media Day

It's on.... Revenge is nigh. This week we get a shot at redemption... Remember this? Of course you do. Starting today its officially t-minus; we're inside of a week and for most folks this game can't come soon enough.

What this game reminds me of the most is the passage of time. I was in San Francisco the last time this scenario presented itself and I was livig wit Audible Mainframe in Long Beaxh, CA. These days it's less performing and more recording and promotion... Im planted a bit more firmly on the ground and I believe the Patriots are as well.

I've never been a hardcore football guy but you can't help but get caught in the fervor of Super Bowl excitement when the local team walks on the field with a chip on their shoulder the size of Montpelier... I like this set up. Go Pats. I know everyone outside of New England wants to see them fall. That just fuels the fire here. Nobody works better under pressure then #12

See you in February

Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm getting ready to completely transform this blog to a 413 music scene-Zine. I'm also gonna use this as a notebook for my ongoing Senegal-America hip hop touring and recording project. Currently I have 9 finished tracks towards the MIXTAPE and I'm lookin or at least 3 MCS to contribute 16 bars... Local MCs take note! This may be a platform for liftoff...

My current projected date for the TOUR side o this project is April 2013. A huge portion of making this happen involves the visa-obtainment process. Additionally I need to drum up support and interest in the college programming community, and hopefully in the established independent hip hop scene on both coasts. This project should appeal to artists from all hip hop sungenres so I hoping to gain some notice going forward.
That's my info-dump for the moment..
Oh yeah, Saturday was te first monthly REGGAE NIGHT at Amherst Brewing Company and it was a huge success.. If you are a local band and you think you got a skill set then get.at.me. I'm booking every saturday night going forward so let's talk.


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PANDORA's BOX - Some of what I'm Listening to..

Showing some of my most recent Pandora Station Selections. If you want a serious 90's hip-hop "fire-and-forget" party mix, I always recommend "Black Sheep Radio"