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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Maybe, just maybe, even though I could do it as an android user as well, my platform change will spark a continuous information flow from my head to this page...

My new primary goal is to spotlight the cool kids playing' music in the valley on a regular basis...and doing it well...

For starters we are now into week 6 of the live music series at Amherst Brewing Company. The response has been positive but we really need to get more people out more regularly... So starting new years eve live music night at ABC is moving from Thursday to Saturday ... New Years Eve will feature Akashic Record holding down the funk and in January we are starting a monthly Reggae Night hosted by I-Ganic sound system DJ Camillo and featuring a different reggae band each week as well.

So.... Go see live music. And happy holidays and stuff. Check back soon if you wanna know why exactly I am heading to Senegal 2 days after Christmas..


Most of the Science Fiction Vehicles in the known multiverse TO RELATIVE SCALE

PANDORA's BOX - Some of what I'm Listening to..

Showing some of my most recent Pandora Station Selections. If you want a serious 90's hip-hop "fire-and-forget" party mix, I always recommend "Black Sheep Radio"