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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nibfib: Re-Revenging This Fall!!

I've been working on some posters. I love doing this. I have the best time cobbling images together pretending I have some kind of design sense but honestly not quite as much fun as I have playing music. So this is doubly cool. NBFB will be performing at the all-new Amherst Brewing Company on Wednesday October 23rd, the night before thanksgiving. Its gonna be a good time. Ill probably make a couple more posters in the mean time. Make sure you got new laces in your funk boots.


Most of the Science Fiction Vehicles in the known multiverse TO RELATIVE SCALE

PANDORA's BOX - Some of what I'm Listening to..

Showing some of my most recent Pandora Station Selections. If you want a serious 90's hip-hop "fire-and-forget" party mix, I always recommend "Black Sheep Radio"