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Friday, January 14, 2011

Spider-Man is Dying...

Well this is the first I've heard of this and I don't have a penchant for following "Death Of.." storylines because the tendency is to use this gimmick to sell various chromium covers of the same issue and other such nonsense. I stopped being a comic book "Collector" a long time ago. Now I just wanna know the stories.
The Shot that will Change a Universe..cover by Leinil Yu  

Anyways, this is hot off the press. Spider-Man to be shot and killed by..I don't even know who this guy is. With the Captain America Star and the Punisher Skull and the Whatnot... In any event, this takes place within the Marvel "Ultimates" universe. Another clever trick they used to re-tell the origin tales of several of Marvel's key (read movie-ready) characters, some of which were reborn with major character differences such as ethnicity (Sgt. Fury, now portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the Avengers continuity).

So fear not, for your friendly neighborhood webslinger is sure to reappear sooner rather than later.. Probably with more than enough time to get ready for his ill-advised movie franchise re-boot...

I do like the nod to the first appearance of The Punisher in Amazing Spider-Man #129. Yu's "crosshair" illustration is more than a slight homage to the introduction of Marvel's most popular and controversial figures.

The story arc takes place during the April run of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #157 and Ultimate Comics Avengers VS. New Ultimates. The above illustration is listed as the cover to the Avengers but somehow I think they may have misspoke.

I just introduced a lot of stuff here. Lemme know if you have questions about the Marvel continuity as a whole, how the movies (Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor etc.) fit in and what the heck the Ultimate Universe is all about... I'm here for the people.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

ROBOT'S ATTACK!! Robot Trinity's first cohesive effort..

Stepping out of the shadows Robot Trinity lands on the scene dropping "Robot Attack!", a WORLD WIDE EXCLUSIVE!! Oh Hecks, yeah baby! Me and Dan and Darby did this in 2 sessions in Dan's basement. I played drums, for real, Darby played Clavinet, Dan played Bass and pulled the intro Facemelter. We all contributed to the clap track but I soloed on Cowbell..although it may need a bit more..

So here it is, ROBOT ATTACK from our new supergroup, ROBOT TRINITY. Our second track scheduled for release is way more ethereal, entitled "Quint's Madness" with a loosely JAWS-themed lyrical stylization...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To begin with…
This little overview is meant to give the initiated a closer look. One thing I really don’t like about movie critique is the unavoidable fact that at the end of the day whether or not I like a movie is COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE. There is no measurable or quantifiable scale. Critics can claim to write from some sort of scaled field based on film and/or storytelling techniques and acting, but a huge part of whether or not you like a movie will depend greatly on your own particular vantage point and experience. So in “reviewing” movies I’m not gonna get into “starring” or really grading these flicks. I’m just going to tell you what jumps out and marks the thing as special or otherwise. If yer with it lets get to it.

I’ll See you again..This side or the Other

Checked out The Town when it became available On Demand. Its crazy how many extracurricular activites can be undertaken without even leaving your house in this day and age. I guess we could even call this the “On Demand” era. If its not available without getting off the couch then you have already alienated some of your audience..:/

What I'm Doing This For....

Well I started off this blog with a few snarky remarks about intelligence and my own self-worth and immaculate taste. That's just how I roll. At the time I put this blog up I hadn't really thought through what I wanted to say. That's another fairly typical example of my behavior; Speaking before I think it all the way through. I suspect that over the next couple weeks and months I'll become, in various intervals, even more or less certain about what is important to talk about. But for now at least I'm gonna try to focus.


Most of the Science Fiction Vehicles in the known multiverse TO RELATIVE SCALE

PANDORA's BOX - Some of what I'm Listening to..

Showing some of my most recent Pandora Station Selections. If you want a serious 90's hip-hop "fire-and-forget" party mix, I always recommend "Black Sheep Radio"