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Saturday, November 9, 2013

IDYL Music - Share. Empower. Enjoy

Hey folks,

This is a call to action letter I wrote for the new company I've been working with the last several months called IDYL Music. We are developing a new music distribution platform that will not only pay artists at the highest possible rates for their songs, but very awesome-ly it will also pay FANS for using their social networks to help distribute those songs. So yeah, best of all possible worlds. Download music and instead of worrying about getting sued by the RIAA when you burn it for your friends and post it on your blog, you'll just get paid for doing those things like you normally do... If that sounds cool to you please read on and then send me some comments and please SHARE this message with people...that is the only way this thing will come to pass!

IDYL Music – A New Music Distribution System Designed to Empower Us All!

            Over the past several months a new internet startup company has been hard at work creating something really special; it’s called IDYL Music and we’ve finally launched our new website! IDYL Music is an online music sharing system that compensates artists at a much better rate than many current services. What really sets IDYL apart from other sites is that it also pays FANS for helping distribute this new music through their social networks! I am thrilled to tell you that our web site is now live! You can check it out at www.idylmusic.com.
Right now, IDYL (pronounced “ideal”) is just that though, our vision of a better music industry in which artists are paid fairly and fans get to share in the revenue. In order to raise the necessary resources to build this concept into reality we’re also launching a crowd-funding campaign here: www.idylmusic.rockethub.com Similar to Kickstarter, Rockethub is a site where people go to share new ideas and seek donations to help build these ideas into the art projects, sciences and technology of tomorrow. In exchange for supporting these projects, you often receive exclusive rewards or gifts and the chance to use these new products before the rest of world! Our reward system is explained in depth on our website.
We’ve sent out this message to our close personal networks, our friends and family and we hope that you will send it to YOUR friends and family because to really make this thing rise up above the systems available we need support from everyone.
If you are a musician, if you have ever enjoyed music, if you have a friend in a band or even if you just like the idea of helping musicians get a fair shake, please click on the links and make a donation. We can’t do it without you, ALL of you!!
The notion and the function of IDYL Music will thrive in social media, and we hope you will share in the power of its virality by SHARING this message across your networks! We know we can’t do it without you. In order to develop the tech that will make IDYL happen, our crowd-funding phase is crucial. You can find all the information about our crowd funding campaign and contribute to the cause here: http://www.idylmusic.rockethub.com And even if you decide you can’t help us financially right now, you can still support the cause be SHARING THE MESSAGE!
Ok you’ve got the basics.. And of course all the details are up on our site. If you’re sold then please hit the button and help fund this amazing idea! But if you want to hear a little more before you’re ready to lay down your hard-earned dollars please keep reading…

Right now we are a team with a vision and a website. When IDYL is built, we intend to spread globally through your participation in social media. You can be the catalyst that will make sure IDYL helps artists everywhere earn money for their work, and also pay their fans who create the success those musicians have achieved. This system brings artists closer to their fans by making them part of the process and ensures that everyone earns a share for the work they put in. We think IDYL Music will be the way forward for artists who are just starting their careers or have not yet reached their peak, and for fans that want to participate more in developing the music scene they love. IDYL can also help to prevent piracy which has so plagued the music industry in the new millennium because it offers a better option than stealing music. Why simply steal it when you can get paid to share it?
            MUSICIANS: IDYL is a system of distribution based on abundance rather than scarcity and it works by monetizing virality. This system allows IDYL to pay artists an excellent percentage when their tracks are shared on the web, and also pay the fans to share these tracks. In this way, we will change the current industry standards in which only 1 out of 20 songs shared on the internet are paid for. IDYL puts more money back into the hands of the people who work hard to create your favorite new music, the artists!
            FANS: IDYL Music knows that the network of fans that helps empower the artist should be recognized and compensated. We monetize virality for songs in 3 tiers of reach outward along a social network (You share with your friends, they share with their friends and then they share with their friends). Now, your favorite songs are more than just a playlist, they’re your investment portfolio. This process is explained in detail on our website and in the intro video.
            WEB INFO: http://idylmusic.com has the lowdown on how the system works. There are several diagrams, some animations and most importantly an informative video. In the video you’ll find out about our team, hear from some musicians who are already excited about the cause and learn how any individual can use the system to access the best new music and earn money for themselves as well as for their favorite artists. Sharing the video is one of the most important steps we feel will help generate support for IDYL.
            CROWDFUND on ROCKETHUB: There are several phases of construction for IDYL and the time to fund it is now. We need to build the applications for desktop, tablets and mobile devices, we need to create the infrastructure and build the network that the system will work on and we need to bring artists, bands and independent record labels into the system so they can make all the best new music available through our network. To do all this, we need to raise money, it’s just a fact. By building IDYL with crowd-funded support we can make sure IDYL isn’t hijacked by corporate interests. IDYL is founded on the belief that creativity deserves compensation and it is very important that creative control for this project remains in good hands.
So that’s it! We’re hoping that you will click on these links, check out our site and watch the video that explains IDYL Music completely. When you’re done with that, we hope you’ll go to RocketHub.com fuel the campaign. But most importantly, we hope that you will pass this information on to your friends and family, the people that you trust the most because when it’s all said and done, we just can’t do it without you.

Thanks for your time and whatever you do, do it with music!

CROWDFUND @ ROCKET HUB: www.idylmusic.rockethub.com


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