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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Jobs, New Attitudes, New Possibilities

I'm in the office at APPetite PR in Shelburne Falls, MA. Here I'm currently writing pitches to bloggers about an eBook released by Pau Gasol entitled "Give a Day". Pau donates the proceeds from this project to UNICEF and specific initiatives that assist kids in Ethiopia and some other regions in Africa.

Its a really cool gig and I feel lucky to have been brought on board here. I'm having fun with it as the agency is very much software and specifically mobile app-centric. While its a little outside my super-comfortable "Comcis,Sci-Fi,Sneaker" box its allowing me to expand my thoughts about how to contribute and make a couple bucks in the new digital workforce and workplace.

Just thought I'd ramble on that for a moment. Mostly because all my pitches are being sent to people like me, who blog about whatever they are most interested in. Those people seem to actually be making a bit of money doing it so maybe I'll find some motivation to keep this blog up to date and interesting...

Here's some stuff to check out along those lines

These guys have the coolest concept: crowdsource funding for your art or your project, whatever it may be. If I' ever get a comic book together, maybe with my by Tyrone, this is where I'd start..

On the off chance that you have been toiling in your basement to get a mobile app together, you can connect with me and my boss Jeff Rutherford here at APPetite PR
Jeff has been doing this for quite some time and my chops are getting sharper...

Thats today. Working towards updating on the daily..



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