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Friday, January 7, 2011

Well if this ain't ExACTly what I've been needing for a minute now.

Yeah. It's 2011.
I'm gonna start blogging now. I've got a big enough mouth and shit-slash-golden list for at least one of these pages. Heck knows plentylenty of other morons think what they have to say is worth taking up your bandwidth and I'm fairly certain my IQ is higher than nine tenths of the "Sports Blogger", "Media Critic" "World-Traveller" ya-ya's currently publishing posts on the soon-to-be G-Men regulated information superhighway (you notice they never even feigned throwing the word "Freeway" around... they always knew they were gonna build tollbooths on the sucker).

But I digress.

Those of you who know me know I'm a serious Fanboy even if you don't really know exactly how that word is meant to be used. I know how its meant to be used. And I'll live up to the title. Promise.

I also think I know everything there is to know about good music. And a fair amount about crappy music. One thing I do know is that the two labels are not mutually exclusive.... I'll cover that paradox plenty as well.

Annnnd ironically I effing love (some) sports as well. Baseball... and other stuff. If you live in this part of the country baseball is part of the social contract. So deal with it. Occasionally I might talk about the Patriots too but not too often.

I'm convinced that I can speak from a position of authority on a host of other topics too from the advent and subsequent ubiquitization of social media such as this blog to the proper way to pour and serve a beer.... I like dogs, trails, and some video games. But mostly I like HARD sci-fi (I mean dope ships and universe-saving stuff) Punk, Cyberpunk, Comics, Music (playing, making, listening, critiquing). I try to stay up on Apple software and Google's ensuing attempts to compete. That's not an endorsement either way- I have a Macbook and a Droid.

So thats whats up. Check for me. I'll try to learn's you something.


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